Published on : 05 August 20192 min reading time

Nitrogen production autonomously: Nitrogen generators offer the very big advantage of being able to become independent of traditional gas suppliers at very competitive prices. If you are interested in learning more about Nitrogen generator PSa, visit There are many benefits of the PSA Nitrogen Generator:

  • independent nitrogen supply on site Nitrogen generator PSA NGP15;
  • permanent availability;
  • nitrogen purity that perfectly matches the requirements of your application;
  • low operating costs for maximum profitability;
  • Eliminating all safety risks such as handling high-pressure gas cylinders.

The principle of pressure swing adsorption (P.A.S): a powerful, reliable and proven technology

The nitrogen generator removes oxygen from the compressed air (80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen)

Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) adsorbs oxygen molecules and passes nitrogen molecules

7 different models NG7 to NG81:

  • Maximum flow rate at 98% purity: 130 m3 / h
  • Maximum flow rate at 99.999% purity: 16 m3 / h
  • The compressed air quality required at the inlet of the nitrogen generator is quite conventional, namely: filtered air and dried to a dew point of + 3 ° C (refrigerant dryer)

Benefits of the NG Series

Here are some benefits of the NG series:

  • Proven technology: simple, reliable and durable
  • Multilingual electronic module managing the device and emitting alarms in case of malfunction or deviation of nitrogen purity
  • Oxygen analyzer to continuously monitor the purity of nitrogen
  • Columns containing carbon molecular sieve (CMS), exempt from pressure tank test.

Thanks to the modular design of the NG, the nitrogen production capacity can be increased easily, either by the addition of additional columns, or by the parallel installation of a second generator.

Fields of application of the NG Series

The NG Series could be applied in various fields, we can mention for example:

  • food industry (storage and packaging)
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • plastic injection molding
  • electronics industry
  • laser cutting
  • semiconductor manufacturing
  • chemical industry
  • heat treatment of metals
  • cable and fiber optics industry
  • glass industry