vials and pillboxes in drawn glass

Pharmaceutical ampoule manufacturing, vials and pillboxes in drawn glass

Although they look similar to the eyes of untrained individuals, vials and ampoules are relatively different storage containers used for various purposes. Vials are large, and you may reuse the products they store. On the other hand, ampoules are small…

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How to take advantage of the compressed air system?

Compressed air is often described as a 4th source of energy. Although its role is not as important as electricity, gas or oil, it remains fundamental in today’s industrial world. Compressed air is an energy carrier commonly used in many…

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What are the air pollutants ?

The air we breathe is made up of 99% oxygen and nitrogen but also different pollutants of different origin and nature and which may have more or less long-term impacts on our health. Here is an overview of the main…

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Who produces and who consumes natural gas?

Natural gas is the third most consumed source of energy in the world. Natural gas reserves are less concentrated geographically than in the natural reserves of oil, although nearly half of conventional reserves are located in Russia, Iran and Qatar….

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Transport infrastructure, the brake on the development of natural gas

After extraction and processing, natural gas still suffers significant transportation costs. The construction of long-distance gas pipelines is a heavy investment. LNG shipments in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are also very capital intensive, requiring the construction of…

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Natural gas professionals talk about energy efficiency

Energy efficiency, a new watchword for natural gas producers Even if natural gas is supposed to be “the least polluting fossil energy”, its extraction and combustion remain highly CO2-emitting. However, in the current context of global warming, the need to…

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