Energy efficiency, a new watchword for natural gas producers

Even if natural gas is supposed to be "the least polluting fossil energy", its extraction and combustion remain highly CO2-emitting. However, in the current context of global warming, the need to improve energy efficiency is no longer an option. This is what was recalled during these four days. Energy efficiency is thus becoming a priority, both during extraction and distribution and in the transformation of gas, for an ever greater reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Conferences focused on energy efficiency in gas extraction and distribution, as well as in the fossil energy sector as a whole. At the extraction level, the major challenge is to develop CO2 capture techniques. But also to break with the systematic flaring of gas on oil sites. Indeed, currently when gas pockets are found in oil pockets, the gas is burned on site. Releasing a significant amount of CO2 without any gas recovery. On the transport side, it is s´assurer a reliable transport where losses are reduced. Finally, the last challenge is to improve energy efficiency when converting gas into heat or electricity. In other words, to consume less d´énergie for the same quality of energy service.

Climate change, an apparently salient issue for gas companies

A sign of this new perspective is the now predominant place of global warming in companies' long-term strategies. And if for a long time the strategy adopted was not to intervene in the debates on global warming, it has now changed with the direct involvement of the managers of oil and gas companies.

Common letter from oil and gas companies

A sign of the times: the drafting of d´une, a joint letter from all the executive heads of BG Group, BP, Eni, Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil and Total asking governments to set up a pricing system for carbon dioxide emissions. At the end of May, the first meeting of the climate initiatives of oil and gas players was held, which included Saudi Arabia, China and Mexico, with the publication of a report during the Paris climate summit listing the actions taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move towards a low-carbon energy transition in the oil and gas industry.