Compressed air is often described as a 4th source of energy. Although its role is not as important as electricity, gas or oil, it remains fundamental in today's industrial world. Compressed air is an energy carrier commonly used in many applications for the power and energy it provides, which is why some equipment is designed basically in pneumatic mode. Compressed air has become unavoidable but remains expensive and perfectible.

What is compressed air?

Compressed air is produced by compressed air from a compressor at a pressure above atmospheric pressure. When mechanically compressed by a compressor, its pressure is generally increased between 6 and 12 bar for the majority of industrial applications. It is then a reserve of energy that is used in most industries around the world. Present in various fields (hammer drill to the dentist's wheel), compressed air is also and above all used for driving screwdrivers or other tools, as well as in the field of lifting, transport, sorting .. .

Why is it used in the industry? How much does it cost?

Compressed air is an energy carrier that is advantageous, safe, clean, easy to store and transport. It is used in industrial applications because of its flexibility of implementation. Unlike energy fluids such as gas or electricity, delivered to the place of production, compressed air is usually produced on site. However, users must meet quality requirements and minimize their production costs as compressed air can be expensive if it is poorly managed despite an affordable upfront investment compared to other existing solutions. To produce compressed air, the industry uses on average 10% of the electricity consumed, which represents approximately 90 TWh annually in the USA, 80 TWh in Europe.

Recycle compressed air used in companies: use of an air motor

Several methods exist to maximize the overall performance of a pneumatic solution and some industries achieve spectacular results in this area. Thus, most of the energy expended to produce compressed air can be recovered. Recirculating the hot air using the compressed air system pipes to recover the air and recycle it can recover almost all the energy consumed by the compressor. The recovery of calories is an interesting solution to make the compressed air station more economical while reducing the energy footprint. The air motor is an excellent alternative to traditional electric motors for heavy-duty applications in many industrial areas. Recycling the air in the compressed air circuit or using it to generate electricity is another source of savings that can be saved on the final bill. Pneumatic motors are therefore an excellent way to take advantage of its compressed air system!