Medical oxygen generator supply systems for use in medical gas distribution systems are medical devices that provide medical oxygen production at the point of use from ambient air. They produce a gas whose specifications are defined by the monograph of the European Pharmacopoeia Oxygen 93%.

Medical oxygen is considered a medicine.

The new technology adopted by a few factories has developed a complete process, from the air plant to the oxygen generator according to various processes (PSA and VPSA) as well as other essential accessories to supply medical oxygen on site. Reminder of pharmacopoeial requirements for the supply of oxygen:
  • nominal oxygen concentration 93% ± 3% V / V
  • carbon monoxide concentration ≤ 5 ml / m3
  • carbon dioxide concentration ≤ 300 ml / m3
  • oil concentration ≤ 0.1 mg / m3
  • concentration of water vapor ≤ 67 ml / m3
  • nitrous gas concentration NO / NO2 ≤ 2 ml / m3
  • SO2 sulfur dioxide concentration ≤ 1 ml / m3
The medical oxygen generators use two technologies: PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) or VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Switch Adsorption) to produce OXYGENE 93 Pharmaceutical Medical Oxygen on site. The PRO2XY 5 and 12 bar medical oxygen generator is based on PSA technology, an air separation technology that uses ambient air as the only raw material. The PRO2XY 5 and 12 bar medical oxygen generators deliver oxygen on demand or continuously with a purity of up to 95% at a flow rate of 4 to 35 Nm3 / h. Like all the other products, the PRO2XY oxygen generators are CE DM class IIB certified and comply with the ISO 7396-1 2016 standard, the European OXYGENE 93 pharmacopoeia and the NF S95-175

The PRO2XY VAC medical oxygen generators use VPSA technology.

From the ambient air composed of approximately 78% nitrogen (N2), 21% oxygen (O2) and 1% argon (Ar), the PRO2XY VAC medical generator provides typical concentration 95% oxygen, the remainder being mainly argon. The two reservoirs of adsorbent (or molecular sieves) take in turn the nitrogen present in the air introduced at the bottom of the tanks. Oxygen concentrates upwards and is recovered at the top of the tanks. Thus the SRP booster sends air into the two adsorbent tanks and the vacuum pump regenerates the sieve by removing nitrogen and moisture. The VPSA PRO2XY VAC 5 and 12 bar medical oxygen generators deliver oxygen continuously or on demand with up to 95% purity. VPSA technology is used by oxygen generators at the oxygen concentration present in the air. This makes it possible to produce dry oxygen from 90% to 95% concentration continuously, the remainder of the product obtained being composed mainly of argon and nitrogen. The PSA PRO2XY medical oxygen generators and the VPSA PRO2XY VAC medical oxygen generators can be placed in a cabin (composite) or in containers (metal) designed for outdoor installation. This equipment includes two compartments, one dedicated to the supply of air, the other to the production of medical oxygen.